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Wellness Center (Formerly known as Counselling Cell) IIT- Roorkee

With today’s highly competitive environment, it is not unusual for students of all age to experience social, personal, or academic problems in their day to day life. The growing pressure to excel everywhere often leads to emotional or psychological turmoil, thus disturbing one‘s peace of mind.

In an institution such as IIT Roorkee, these disturbances may surface all the more frequently, when one is away from his/her protective social environment. There then arises a need of a mentor or a counselor- someone you can confide in.

Counselling Service is to help the students to focus on and understand more clearly the issues that concern them. This includes tackling personal, family and peer problems as well as managing academics more responsibly.

Student Counsellor, a qualified therapist, provides a comfortable and confidential environment whereby the student is at ease to discuss anything that may be bothering him/her.

This process involves no medication, only pure interaction.

The counselor’s office is an open, receptive and safe forum to share any problem. There is absolutely no stigma attached to a visit to the counselor’s office.

Individual counselling sessions may extend up to an hour. The service is free of cost for the students of IIT Roorkee.

Remember growing is a continuous process and discussing your problems will enable you to make mature choices and take appropriate actions.

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Digital Psychometric Tests

The linked document lists out the available digital psychometric tests available with Wellness Centre IIT Roorkee.
Reach out to any of our counselors (through Email/mobile) to access them.


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