The problem:
Simply stated, emotional stress is the feeling of being suddenly overwhelmed by the tasks of your everyday life. You feel as if you are losing control over the things happening with you and your life. This feeling of helplessness in improving things around us can be very disturbing in one’s life. Due to this emotional stress only people take huge steps like committing suicide without understanding that suicide is no solution either. Emotional stress can force one to do harmful things.

The several factors causing emotional stress include:
1) Academic pressure – This includes feeling of being behind others in batch in terms of getting a good cgpa.
2) Family issues – This includes constant pressure from family to perform well to get a good job and other issues like conflicts within the family.
3) Health issues – There are a lot of health conditions that can cause emotional stress in students, both directly and indirectly. Health problems, usually the critical diseases, indirectly affect the emotional well being of a student.

Tips to ease emotional pressure:
To relieve our mind of emotional pressure we should try to keep calm in every situation. Relaxing is one of the best ways to relieve ourselves of emotional pressure. Relaxing can be done in any way for ex. listening to music, playing, having a walk in the garden or any such light activity which relaxes our mind.
Another very efficient way of relieving ourselves of emotional pressure is regularly doing YOGA. The different asanas of yoga relax our mind, increase our concentration power, increase flow of oxygen to our mind which refreshes it and relieves us of the pressure.
One thing should always be kept in mind that taking stress and getting emotionally affected by it is not going to help us in any way to improve the conditions which cause stress. Only acting wisely can help us in that.


Imagine a day when the sun forgets to rise or the night doesn’t fall, and you’ll find the world to be in a state of total chaos. It’s because the beauty of nature lies in its symmetry and the timely occurrence of everything be it the sun, the moon, the tides or the seasons. In the same way, we can also be in peace with our lives if we master the art of managing our time. It’s this skill of time management that can bring all the difference between a productive day and a waste day.

What with the classes , sports and co curricular activities going on most of the time, on an average, a student’s life is bustling with activity 24×7. So, finding time for just about everything is a task that only few are able to accomplish with ease. As for the rest of us, we are found hurrying from one place to another at the last moment and not finding time for satisfactorily completing any of jobs required to be done. If we try to analyse where precisely we go wrong, we find that it is a general tendency for most of us to delay the work till the point it becomes absolutely necessary to do it. We just tend to shelve our work and vile away all the time we have in our hands until the work becomes a burden for us and time runs short. May it be the tutorials or the file work, everything is done at the last minute and we end up developing a habit of working all night and sleeping in the lectures. Anything with a lesser priority gets postponed to be done at the weekend and as soon as the weekend arrives we find ourselves lazing around till Sunday evening thinking there is enough time left for everything. Then again, we reach a similar point in our lives which eventually leads to sitting up all night and completing things at the 11th hour. And once we get into it, it becomes very difficult to put a stop to this vicious cycle and we go on with sleepless nights and days full of frustration thinking about the things needed to be done, never finding enough time for anything.

But the fact remains that even for the busiest person around us, the day is the same, comprising of exactly 24 hours, still that person gets ample time for all the activities he’s a part of along with plenty of time to relax and have fun. The secret lies in time management and i.e. to divide your day in proper slots, to prioritize things, sticking to your timetable and most importantly not allowing your laziness to come in between.

Kill your anxiety: No matter what is the amount of work at hand, being anxious and not doing anything will not help.

  • Start somewhere, anywhere – but start ! Try starting from the easy part. Set aside 15 minutes today which you will devote exclusively to a task you have been putting off. Once started it is often easier to keep going.
  • Make a number of holes in an overwhelming task by turning it into a series of small manageable sub-tasks.

Stay Focussed –

  • Remind yourself to stay focused every time your thoughts wander.
  • Learn to say no instead of every time leaving a task in between. People understand that you have your priorities. (but please note to do so you don’t have to be rude or neglect your friends continuously)
  • Make class time your best study time. Though sleeping in class is very tempting, hearing attentively may save you a lot of time.

Once you do this, you’ll have sufficient time to do whatever your heart desires and much more and you’ll realize that your life is in perfect harmony with nature and its flawless balance.