Dear Students,

Life is another name for change and uncertainty. We can try and control our fate but eventually, life always reminds us of how little control we really have at this point in time due to the COVID-19 outbreak and everyone are on the same boat.

However, we as Psychologist, although find it initially difficult to come to terms with the changed scenario, but as Viktor Frankl, a Nazi’s concentration camp survival, an Existentialist therapist said mentioned that ” the one who has a purpose in life can survive any odds“. 

Considering the overall situation, the counsellors of IIT Roorkee have put forth a few salient points as suggestions we should keep in mind as below.

  1. Make a plan for the day such as the movie CREED said “One step, One PUNCH”.
  2. Maintain a schedule and keep it as simple as possible.
  3. Indulge in activities you enjoyed in the past and for whatever reasons you left.
  4. Develop interest in new activities that you aspire and most importantly enjoy doing for a fair period of time.
  5. Use a 70:30 ratio between points 3 and point 4 activities.
  6. Eight hours’ sleep is required to boost your immune system, manages weight loss, and helps you retain memory.
  7. Use the strategy of SELF. where S- stay safe, E- exercise, L- learn new thing, F- feel the Nature (especially morning and evening time)

In addition to the above points, we are here for you on via phone (video, SMS chat, call) on following numbers and please do not hesitate to contact us in case you want to share your thoughts. We all got into this situation with no fault of ours; we will certainly come out much stronger together in the not so distant future. Stay Safe, Stay Connected!

Contact details of counsellors:

Dr Shikha Jain-                                   9927954712

Mr Ashfak Ahamed PC-                     7760100140

Mr Mohit Chandra-                             8126759191

Dr Parul Baliyan-                                9536609555


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