Webinar on Proactive Preparedness: Fostering Well-being and Resilience:

There are times when when we find ourselves stuck and fall short of our coping resources. To educate ourselves on being firm and prepared, Wellness Centre planned a Webinar on “Proactive Preparedness: Fostering well being and resilience” by the well-known expert Dr Chetna Duggal(Clinical Psychologist, Associate Professor, TATA Institute of Special Sciences TISS,Mumbai) accompanied by Ms Sukanya Ray(Assistant Professor,TISS,Mumbai.).

Date: 10th July, 2020

Webinar on listening and Sharing

In the light of current situation of COVID-19, acknowledging and understanding ourselves as well as others is making a different deal. Most of us are quite forced by this pandemic to stay home, living alone, away from our social circles and all. To spread awareness about acknowledging the current situation, emphasising on the importace of “Listening and Sharing”, Wellness centre presented Webinar by Mr Mikul Patel.

Date: 21st June, 2020

Webinar with Mental Health Experts:

In these hard times of isolation and stress ,its crucial for us to look after physical as well as mental health so to get some invaluable expert advice, Wellness Centre in collaboration with reDockto presented an interactive Webinar on “Tips on Maintaining Mental Well-being during COVID-19” with Mental Health Experts Dr. Ruha shadab(Harvard masters graduate and Founder and Dr. Priti Nanda Sibal(US functional health expert).

Date: 10th June, 2020

Insta live session on KEEPING CALM DURING COVID-19

Wellness Centre in collaboration with reDockto presented Insta Live session with Eisha Chopra(Actor, Writer and Mental Health Activist) in conversation with Dr. Sneha Sharma(Co-founder, reDockto and MD Psychiatry on the need to talk freely about your mental health problems, face them and keep calm during COVID-19.

Date: 6th June, 2020

Qreative Wellness-Photography and Videography Event

Photography and Videography Event:-An online photography and videography event in which IITR people can click photos and make videos around and share as many pictures of any genre.

Themes:- Any theme.

Prizes:- Prizes worth 3k

Date: 17th April – 12th May, 2020

Qreative wellness-writing and composition event

Writing and Composition Event:-An online writing and composition event in which participants can send their micro tale or poem.

Themes:- Any theme.

Prizes:- Prizes worth 3k

Date: 17th April – 12th May, 2020

Qreative wellness-Art Event

An online art event,where people can send in images of their artwork.

Themes:- COVID-19 awareness creation, mental health and happiness in quarantine and open theme in which they can send their artwork without theme or with any theme of their choice .

Prizes:- Prizes worth 9k

Date: 17th April – 12th May, 2020

Mind hacks for a happier you

IITR organized an interactive workshop on “Mind hacks for a happier you” on 22nd January 2020. Ms. Puroitree Majumdar conducted this workshop. Ms. Majumdar began by elaborating stress which we encounter almost every day in our lives through an engaging activity.
She explained both positive and negative aspects of stress and gave simple tips to handle it. This workshop was very interactive as people took part in Q&A sessions actively and enthusiastically. Venue: MAC Auditorium
Date: 22nd January 2020

Student Peer Mentoring Session & Faculty Sensitization Session

The Wellness Centre organised Student Peer Mentoring . The session was facilitated by Prof Santosh Kumar Chaturvedi, Head, Mental Health Education, National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS), Bangalore. Prof Aalok Misra, Associate Dean of Students’ Welfare (Student Wellness) and Prof Manoranjan Parida, Deputy Director, IIT Roorkee felicitated the resource person.
Venue: MAC Auditorium
Date: 4th November & 5th November 2019

Intro Talk and Prize Distribution

This event was a surprise Prize distribution Ceremony of our last two events namely “IITR ko dekha to aisa laga!” and “Artspire- Using Art to inspire”.Intro Talk event was organized with the aim to make people aware of our campus and non campus activities, our offline and online confidential counselling services.
Venue: Mac Auditorium
Date: 30th Sep, 2019

Artspire-Drawing and Painting Event

“A picture is worth a thousand words”.We organized a painting event with the theme, “Artspire” which is Art to Inspire. It was not mere filling canvas with colors but putting down one’s thoughts on a piece of paper that would increase one’s emotional strength and resilience in others. The event saw a huge participation from all the age groups.

Venue: Architecture Dept
Date: 4th Sep 2019