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Recent Clippings

Individual Counselling works….

I went to counselling cell in my 1st year. She helped me through my problem in the best way. Post 2nd year, I was a regular visitor because it helped to have someone professional to talk the problems through howsoever small, they may be.

Alumni of IIT Roorkee

Shaping My Mental Health

I am so grateful that I took counselling during my time in college.

I was having a hard time studying and my grades were falling. Also, insecurities and things from my past was always affecting me. I was irritated and frustrated all the time. I was lacking motivation and drive to study and do well. This is when I decided to take institute counselling services. Counsellor was really patient with me and dealt with my issues with lot of care and empathy. She suggested me small and do-able changes. I knew that I had the support system where I can be candid and will never be judged and always get help.

I did really great both in my grades and in my placement, getting placed on Day 1 in my first interview with a dream company. I was so happy to share all the successes with my counsellor and how she positively affected my life. I will always be grateful to her and her support. Reaching out for help and getting counselling is a sign of strength as you are choosing to get help. Also, with how the confidentiality of the counselling cell and the care with which people are dealt with there is absolutely 0 fear you should have.

Today after working in various top companies I have gone to Counselling time and again when I felt that I need help. I am very happy that the taboo of counselling and mental health got over for me so quickly in college itself, truly making me a stronger self.

Thanks again to wellness centre and IIT Roorkee for the resource they have provided.

Alumni of IIT Roorkee