Counselling Works!

Counseling was the beginning of my recovery from negativity inside me and break-up. For me counseling was the medium for venting out the negativity that was brimming inside me. Now I am very thankful to counseling cell and would like to make is more accessible to students.

Visiting a psychotherapist is not sign of weakness but it is a sign of strength to accept your psychological problems.

Alumni of IIT Roorkee 

Mental and emotional health is equally important has physical and financial well-being. 

I myself reached out to her (counsellor) when I felt overwhelmed by life and tough times did not seem to end; and it really helped me overcome the challenges. I encourage everyone to benefit from this excellent resource available at the institute.

One should not shy away from reaching out to the counsellor and refer their friends if you feel they are not okay. Psychological health is equally important as having a good career.

I wish everyone a sound mental health.

IIT-R Alumni