I am really very thankful to you from my heart for helping me out in difficult time. You have really played major role in my life, which even sometimes I shared with my very closed ones. Now I am well-settled and enjoying a well decent or semi-luxurious lifestyle. So, sometimes, when I now look back, I feel that I did not appreciate many small things, may be because of lack of maturity. But your advice’s and energy booster chats were definitely helpful. This is not a testimonial, but something from my heart, which I always wanted to say after meeting you. 

IIT-R Alumni

My experiences about Counselling Cell

While studying one may has to face many financial, academic, family, social, institutional, or any other sorts of issues. I was no different from rest of the mass. I had problems in multiple of these domains e.g. issues with friends, dilemmas for career direction and the very common issue of IIT Roorkee- good placement. Though these were small issues and were manageable. But due to continuous stress and anxiety, I started developing depression, inferiority complex, and isolation.

I was unaware of counseling cell and any such facility in the institute. It was one of my senior, with whom I somehow discussed these problems and he arranged an appointment with the institute counselor. I was highly skeptical of talking any medical/psychological facility within the college. But, my friend insisted and pushed to go for the appointment. So, I thought to give a try. With heavy heart and mind full of twisting thoughts I went to the counselor. Initially, I hesitated, but within few sessions, I became more comfortable and used to share my problems more freely.

Completely against to my initial fear, the counseling facility is one of the best things IIT can provide. The counselor gave very practical solutions to my almost virtual problems. She helped me to gain confidence and calmness by suggesting some breathing exercises and outdoor activities. Also, solved my delusions and anxiety regarding career options. Counselling helped me in very critical time when I had to focus on my studies and to shoulder more responsibilities.

As last words, if you have any issues which is costing your precious time and peace of mind. Then, just hold your courage and head to the counseling center. I am sure you will definitely get some solution to your problems. Otherwise, it will not cost you more than missing one episode of Friends or GoT.

IIT-R Alumni